Collection: Decaf Coffee: Good or Bad for Capsule?

Our decaf coffee capsules, featuring the Swiss Water Process, take your coffee experience to the next level. It is a unique and natural decaffeination method that uses only water, time and temperature to gently remove caffeine from the coffee beans, leaving behind all the rich flavours and aroma. 

The beans are then roasted to perfection, ensuring a flavour profile that harmonises with the unique brewing conditions of coffee capsules.

When sealed in our aluminium Nespresso® compatible capsules, this process ensures that every cup is bursting with the natural goodness of coffee, minus the caffeine. The tight seal not only retains the freshness but also extends the shelf life, promising a consistently delightful and sustainable decaf option for your daily indulgence.

Why not experience the best decaf coffee capsule for yourself? Try it out today and discover a new level of brewing perfection!