Roasting Approach

At Decaf Club, our commitment to create the best decaf coffee involves a careful process that starts with the Swiss Water decaffeination process. This method gently removes caffeine without compromising the rich flavours of the coffee beans. Learn more about Swiss Water Process

The decaffeination impacts the density of the beans. It's like a little transformation in each bean. To make sure we don't lose the fantastic flavours during roasting, we pay extra attention to the temperature. It's a bit like cooking – finding the right heat to bring out the best taste.

Our roasting process is a delicate balance. Too hot, and the beans lose their character; too cold, and they miss that perfect flavour profile. Our expert roasters are like chefs, carefully adjusting the heat to create the best cup of decaf that's full of richness and depth.

So, when you enjoy a cup of our decaf coffee, know that it's more than just caffeine-free; it's a sip of perfection. Roasted with care and expertise, our decaf coffee is a flavourful experience that lets you savour every moment without the jitters.

Are you ready to step into the extraordinary world of decaf coffee? We're on a mission to redefine your coffee experience, and we want to know if you're ready to join us on this exciting journey. Our coffee subscription is not just a service; it's an invitation to indulge in the finest beans, savour exquisite flavours, and explore the world of decaf coffee like never before. Learn more about our Coffee Subscription Service