About Us


To bring decaf to the next level.

We envision decaf coffee to be served and celebrated the way it does to regular specialty coffee.

It is our mission to promote and cultivate decaf coffee drinking culture by creating distinct characters of blends and constantly sourcing the most interesting single origin to serve the wide range of palates.

The word DECAF sparks controversy in the coffee world with some people wish to #deathbeforedecaf whilst others joined the rebel #antidecafclub. Well, we just love the regular and decaf. We love the exquisite taste of coffee and the idea of drinking good quality specialty coffee without the caffeine. Why not enjoy both?

Poor decaf has long been ignored and neglected. Old coffee from past crops is customarily used in the decaffeination process, with the use of chemical solvents which alter the taste. The logic is simple: bad coffee in, bad coffee out. 

Our Approach to Decaf Beans

At Decaf Club, we choose to ONLY roast SWISS WATER ® decaf beans. It only uses chemical-free water, temperature and time in the decaffeination process, allowing 99.9% caffeine-free beans while retaining the original coffee flavour.

A perfect cup of decaf coffee doesn’t come from just the high quality green beans but also from the way they are roasted, especially with decaf beans. Decaffeination changes the bean’s density as the caffeine is now removed and therefore, special attention to the temperature of the roast is crucial.

Decaffeination also expands the bean's internal cell structures during the pre-soak phase and this may not fully return to its original form during the drying phase. As a result, CO2 in the coffee beans created during the roasting proccess escapes much faster as the beans now have wider pores. CO2 creates crema in an espresso and adds aroma and flavour in our coffee. In other words, decaf coffee has a shorter-shelf life compare to regular coffee. Therefore, freshness is another key to a perfect cup of decaf coffee.

It is our pursuit to offer you world-class quality decaf coffee and we hope you enjoy your coffee time, all the time with Decaf Club.


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