Top 4 Benefits of Decaf Coffee

Believe it or not, a big chunk of the world’s population is a certified coffee lover. Some people can’t go about their day without a cup, while others have fully engrossed in the coffee culture and everything related to this favorite beverage.

However, there are still those times when you might not need or want a caffeine dose but you wouldn’t like to pass up on your coffee experience. Yes, there are non-caffeinated coffee drinkers out there, and for them, decaf coffee is a true godsend.

Many people love decaf coffee because they love the process of drinking coffee and they enjoy its taste but the caffeine content is already too much for them.

To make things even better, there are many benefits associated with decaf coffee that is guaranteed to boost your life with no need to sacrifice your favorite part of the day.

#1 Get More Zzzs

The effects of caffeine are known to stay in your body for 4 to 6 hours. Depending on your sleep schedule, switching some or your entire coffee intake to decaf coffee can help you feel more relaxed so you can enjoy a deeper and better quality of sleep.

As you might already know, getting more sleep helps improve your health. Constant sleep deprivation is often associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.

#2 Relaxation at Its Finest

Some coffee drinkers love their coffee but not the anxiety or jitters they experience every time they consume high amounts of caffeine.

This is where decaf coffee comes in handy. You can reduce your jittery reaction if you try to substitute one or more of your daily cups of coffee for decaf. You can also try to drink half-caff coffee if you like.

Caffeine tends to set off your fight-or-flight response. In some instances, it can help you stay focused and ultra-productive. For others, however, drinking or consuming too much caffeine can change their response from fight to flight. With decaf coffee, you can lower your caffeine intake and still enjoy the satisfying and smooth coffee flavor you love.

 #3 No More Burning Inside

One of the most common complaints about coffee is how it makes some people suffer from acid reflux and heartburn. Although decaf coffee is still acidic, its acidity level is significantly lower compared to caffeinated coffee.

If you don’t want to experience heartburn but you still want to get a kick of caffeine, why not prepare a cup of half-caff or half-caffeinated?

#4 Free Yourself from Free Radicals

Both decaf coffee and caffeinated coffee contain considerable amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants have a critical role to play in keeping your cells protected from free radicals and potentially preventing cancer and heart disease.

Drinking decaf coffee gives you the same health benefits as drinking its caffeinated counterpart. An average cup of decaf coffee has 4.8% of potassium, 2.5% of vitamin B3, and 2.4% of the suggested daily dose of magnesium.

 Are you ready to make a switch to decaf coffee?


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